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  • Is training reported to Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE)?
    Yes! Menger Public Safety is a Contract Training Provider for TCOLE and will report successful completion of training directly to TCOLE via TCLEDDS.
  • Can I request a course that is not currently scheduled?
    Yes! Reach out to our training coordinator ( to discuss custom options.
  • Do you only provide training at the listed locations?
    No. Menger Public Safety often uses Departments, Hotels, Convention Centers, ect to host training at additional locations.
  • Can my agency pay with an invoice?
    Yes, they can. On the last page of the checkout, you will see an option to pay with a credit card or manual payment. Choose manual payment and finish your registration.
  • How do I know what the dress code is or what to bring to class with me?
    For every course we schedule, we will send out an email within the week prior to class starting. The email will include any relivant information that will be needed for the course, the dress code, instructor contact information and supplies you will need to bring with you.
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