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Our Approach

Realistic and Relevant Training to Enhance Skills for Public Safety Professionals

Texas is a big state with big training needs in specialized areas. 

Texas law enforcement is called to respond to emergency situations from hostile gunfire to water rescues.  Most TCOLE training providers focus on normal day-to-day training needs such as legislatively mandated training and maintaining proficiency in perishable skills. Advanced proficiency training and basic life survival skills are not the focus of most TCOLE training providers.


Menger Public Safety Training is focused on providing training that is realistic and relevant enhancing skills to be a public safety professional and to save lives, including the first responder.     

Water training is one example of a law enforcement specialty that is not abundantly available to first responders.  Texas law enforcement is called to respond to water events every month and currently relies on a limited number of TCOLE training providers to conduct and report the training.  In most cases, training is obtained by no regulated entities and the training is sometimes reported by department training rosters the student’s law enforcement agency.  This often limits the officer’s ability to receive structured training to progress their career if the training is not in line with their current job duties. 

Water training such as basic water survival, evidence search and recovery, public safety diving, underwater photography, and floodwater response are areas that Menger Public Safety Training will provide training opportunities to increase proficiency and survivability of water-related incidents.     

As officers attend law enforcement training, two of the most important aspects of the training are the instructor and the material being taught.  After a class, you either hear students comment that that was a great course, but the instructor was horrible, or the instructor was great, but the material was lacking.  Basic and Advanced TCOLE instructor is the key to ensuring that good instructors present the material in a meaningful and comprehensive manner.  This is accomplished by teaching instructors to shift the center of the presentation from the presentation media to the instructor and complement the instruction with the proper use of the various mediums.

Menger Public Safety Training provides training that is relevant, reliable, and readily accessible across the State of Texas.   

Image by Pete Alexopoulos
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