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Bonnie Casey-Moore

Bonnie Casey-Moore retired at the rank of Captain after 28 years with the Texas Department of Public Safety. She began her career as a Highway Patrol Trooper in Corsicana, Texas and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant before being appointed to the Director’s Staff as an Internal Affairs Lieutenant in 2008. She remained in that capacity after Internal Affairs was legislatively mandated to be the Office of Inspector General. The last 15 years of her career she was assigned to the Office of Inspector General where she investigated the most consequential and complex matters coming before the IG including Racial Profiling, Discrimination, Constructive Discharge, and Active Shooter Response. Bonnie received multiple commendations and the OIG Division Chiefs Award distinguishing her for her hard work, intellect, professionalism, judgment, diplomacy, and competence. Bonnie was honored with an appointment to Special Ranger by the Texas Public Safety Commission upon her retirement and currently holds this position.

Bonnie conducted and supervised hundreds of administrative investigations, working on some of the most multifaceted cases in OIG’s history. Bonnie has instructed various Law Enforcement subjects at DPS since 2001 and has developed curriculum and instructed in the area of administrative investigations for many years. Bonnie has received certifications in Advanced EEO, Administrative Interviewing, Detecting Deception in Written Statements, along with many others. Bonnie is a certified Internal Affairs Investigator and graduated from the Northwestern School of Police Command in 2015

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