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Oscar Gonzalez

Oscar Gonzalez is a Law Enforcement Detective with the Travis County Sheriff's Office with a background in both the military and law enforcement. Oscar served as a sniper observer for the Special Response Team (SWAT) in the army and served with distinction and achieved the rank of Army Sergeant.

Oscar first began his Law Enforcement Career with the Bastrop County Sheriff's Office, where he worked patrol and served on the SWAT team. In 2008, Oscar began his career with the Travis County Sheriff's Office where he worked patrol before being selected for the K9 Unit. In his role as K9 operator, Oscar

collaborated with various law enforcement agencies, including the DEA, FBI, USMC, Secret Service, DPS

SWAT (Texas Rangers), and the Austin Police Department SWAT team.

Oscar created a formal Tactical K9 Program to integrate patrol service dogs with SWAT operations,

improving the overall effectiveness of the team. The program's success led to Oscar's involvement with

the US Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force, where he played a crucial role in apprehending some of

Texas' most dangerous fugitives. As a testament to his exceptional contributions, Oscar and his K9

partner were deputized by the United States Marshals Service.

Furthermore, Oscar's commitment to professional development led him to develop the 'Inside the

Perimeter K9 Operator' course in 2019. This course has further solidified his reputation as an advanced

K9 trainer and handler. In addition to his work with canines, Oscar has also conducted highway

interdiction operations and developed a specialized course called "Turn Signals" for street-level officers

involved in interdiction efforts. He has also spent time working with the South Texas Interdiction Team

near the Texas border, gaining valuable experience in this specialized area of law enforcement.

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