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Betty Hoge

Betty Hoge is a retired detective with an impressive 28-year career at the Travis County

Sheriff's Office. Starting as a dispatcher, she quickly advanced through the ranks,

gaining valuable experience in various roles within law enforcement.

Betty's career began on patrol, where she served as a field training officer, imparting her

knowledge and skills to new recruits. Her dedication and exceptional performance led to

her becoming a field training performance evaluator, responsible for assessing the

competency and effectiveness of field training officers and recruits.

Her passion for investigations led her to transition into the role of a detective, where she

spent over 15 years specializing in complex financial crimes and person & property

crimes. Notably, Betty was also involved in child abuse investigations as part of a

multidisciplinary task force, working closely with the Austin Police Department, Child

Protective Services, and the Center for Child Protection. Her commitment to protecting

vulnerable children and seeking justice for them made her an invaluable asset to the


Betty's commitment to upholding the integrity of the department led her to spend over

eight years as an internal affairs detective. In this role, she conducted thorough

investigations into officer and employee misconduct, officer-involved shootings, and

other critical investigations. Her meticulous approach to these investigations ensured

fairness and accountability within the law enforcement community.

Throughout her career, Betty also made significant contributions to training and

development. She served in the Community Oriented Policing Unit, where she was a

DARE instructor and a crime prevention specialist, educating the community on drug

abuse resistance and crime prevention strategies.

Additionally, Betty was involved in the written directive review committee, where she

played a crucial role in shaping departmental policies and procedures. Her attention to

detail and dedication to staying updated on the latest practices in law enforcement

made her an invaluable member of the committee.

Betty's passion for sharing her knowledge and expertise extended to her role as an

instructor at the training academy. She taught courses on child abuse investigations and

report writing, ensuring that law enforcement professionals were equipped with the

necessary skills to excel in their roles.

Overall, Betty Hoge's extensive experience, dedication to the community, and

commitment to professional development have made her a highly respected and trusted

figure in the law enforcement field. Her contributions to investigations, training, and

policy development have left a lasting impact on the Travis County Sheriff's Office and

the community it serves.

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