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Sergeant Stephanie Piper

Sergeant Stephanie Piper brings 12 years of dedicated service in law enforcement, specializing in crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques. Her career trajectory accelerated with four influential years as a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) member before assuming a supervisory role.

With a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, a Master Peace Officer license, and a Master Jailer License, Stephanie possesses a comprehensive understanding of law enforcement operations. Stephanie is recognized for her exceptional ability to remain calm under pressure and establish rapport in tense situations, defusing conflicts and ensuring the safety of both officers and individuals in crisis. Her passion for community safety and effective conflict resolution led her to specialize in crisis intervention.

 Stephanie's commitment to professional development is evident through her attendance at the LEMIT Leadership Inventory for Female Executives training.

Stephanie’s passion for improving law enforcement responses to mental health crises has led her to developing and implementing crisis intervention training programs aimed at equipping law enforcement professionals with the essential skills to navigate high-stress situations effectively.  Her engaging teaching style coupled with practical scenarios and hands-on training has empowered countless officers to approach crisis situations with empathy, understanding, and strategic communication. Now serving as the Sergeant of the team, she continues to lead and supervise Deputies, applying her frontline experiences to refine crisis intervention training.

Apart from her role as a supervisor, Stephanie has played a crucial role in the compliance team, guaranteeing the department's adherence to the highest standards. She has been a valuable asset to the Transportation team, engaging in high-risk extraditions alongside her colleagues. This showcases her expertise in handling challenging situations with tact and professionalism. Her commitment to the community goes beyond her team, as she holds a voting chair position in the Behavioral Health Advisory Committee. In this capacity, she actively contributes to developing and implementing strategies that promote positive behavioral health outcomes.

Stephanie holds her Instructor Proficiency and is a certified Mental Health Officer. She has specialized training in Crisis Intervention, de-escalation, Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injuries, and Alzheimer's, ensuring a well-rounded and informed approach to her role.

As an instructor, Sergeant Stephanie Piper aims to create a culture of de-escalation within law enforcement agencies, striving for safer and more empathetic interactions between officers and individuals in crisis.

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