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Treise R. McDaniel

Treise R. McDaniel

Treise McDaniel is a retired Crime Scene Investigator with a Bachelor of Arts degree in

Criminal Justice. With an illustrious career spanning 25 years with the San Antonio

Police Department, she has exhibited unwavering dedication and a commitment to

excellence in the field of forensic investigation.

During her tenure, Treise served as a prominent member of the Crime Scene Unit Officer

Involved Shooting Team, where she played a vital role in investigating critical incidents

and gathering evidence to reconstruct crime scenes accurately. Her meticulous attention

to details and profound knowledge of evidence collection and preservation techniques

have been instrumental in ensuring integrity of crime scene investigations.

As the lead instructor of the SAPD uniformed Evidence Detective Investigator School,

Treise imparted her extensive expertise to train and mentor aspiring investigators. Treise

trained and shared her knowledge of crime scene processing, evidence documentation,

analysis, shaping the skills and abilities of numerous successful crime scene


Treise is a certified instructor by the State of Texas Commission on Law Enforcement

(TCOLE) and was designated as the lead Instructor for Intermediate Crime Scene

Investigation, SAPD Uniformed Evidence Detective Investigator School, and Field

Instructor/Trainer for newly hired Crime Scene Investigators with the San Antonio Police

Department. Her proficiency in teaching crime scene investigation techniques and

procedures has equipped many law enforcement professionals with the necessary skills to

conduct thorough and effective investigations.

One of Treise’s key areas of expertise is in locating, documenting, and collecting

physical forensic evidence. Her ability to meticulously process and preserve evidence has

been crucial in establishing the facts and providing valuable insights in a wide range of

criminal cases. Additionally, her proficiency in producing scaled drawings of crime

scenes has facilitated accurate reconstructions and aided in the presentation of evidence

in court.

Throughout her career, Treise has been involved in countless high-profile criminal

investigations, testified as an expert witness in court proceedings, utilizing her in-depth

knowledge and experience to provide compelling testimony. Her ability to effectively

communicate complex forensic concepts in a clear and concise manner has earned her a

reputation for being a highly credible and reliable expert witness.

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