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Lt Greg Lawson

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Lt. Greg H. Lawson, Emp. 253 & 1685

31 Years of TCSO Service

In 1986, concluding his enlistment as a US Army paratrooper at Fort

Richardson, Alaska, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, the Middle East,

North Africa, and Central America, Greg Lawson served the Travis

County Sheriff’s Office as a patrol deputy, mental health officer, field

training officer and defensive tactics instructor. In 1990, Greg reenlisted

with the US Navy as an operations specialist and master at arms

onboard USS NIMITZ making two Pacific deployments to countries

in Asia and the Arabian Gulf, including Iraq and Kuwait during Desert

Storm. In 1996 he returned as a TCSO corrections officer and

CORE boot camp drill instructor. In 1998, he reenlisted again, this

time with the US Air Force Security Forces as a combat arms range

master making deployments to Bosnia and Korea. Greg returned to

TCSO a third time and served as a patrol deputy, academy defensive

tactics instructor, lake patrol deputy and EMT, SURT scuba diver, as

a SWAT operator, medic and sniper, and as the academy range master.

In 2006, he promoted to detective and was assigned to East Command

CID persons crimes, child abuse, and major crimes before promoting

to sergeant in 2016. As sergeant, he supervised West Patrol Nights,

lake patrol, and the underwater recovery dive team. He was selected for

lieutenant in 2019 and served as West Patrol Night and West Patrol

Evening’s lieutenant watch commander. In 2022, Greg was selected to be

the TCSO Training Academy’s Director of Training where he was responsible

for research, development, and implementation of the corrections and

law enforcement basic recruit and continuing education academy curriculum.

Lt. Lawson is a certified police motorcycle operator and has received

15 TCSO award decorations including the meritorious service bar,

two lifesaving bars, the commendation bar, and officer of the year.

Greg received his Associate of Arts in English from Austin Community

College and his M.Ed. from Texas State University. He is the author

of several book related to paranormal experience and his latest,

Civil Service Success, provides guidance on having a successful career

in law enforcement. He is also an Honorary Admiral in the Texas Navy

and a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Lt. Greg H.

Lawson, Emp. 253 & 1685

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