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Joseph Flores

Joseph N. Flores III is a 6th generation Texan whose family has a long history in law enforcement, starting with Jose Policarpio Rodriguez, who was a Scout, Texas Ranger, Rancher and Pastor in the mid 1800’s. Joseph has been married for 40 years and has two children. He makes his home in Cedar Creek, Bastrop County, Texas. He is a Master Peace Officer and has extensive law enforcement related experience, primarily in the Crime Scene Investigation Unit of the Travis County Sheriff’s Department, where he worked for 32 years. He is a Certified Instructor with TCOLE and a Specialty Instructor in Crime Scene Investigation. He was a founding member of the Travis County Dive Team Underwater Evidence Recovery Unit. He has Specialty Certifications and Training in Police Photography, Investigation of Assault and Death, Latent Print Photography, Recovery of Latent Prints, Latent Print Techniques, Palm Printing, Blood Spatter Analysis, Body Exhumation, Investigative Analysis of Homicide and Violent Death, DNA Testing and Evidence Retrieval, Advanced Body Search & Recovery, Analysis and Reconstruction of Crimes of Violence, Tire Wear and Foot Wear Analysis, Complex Latent Print Examination, Digital Video Recovery, Processing and Analysis, LEVA Level 1 Forensic Video Analysis & The Law, LEVA Level 2 Digital Multimedia Evidence Processing.

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