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Lt Belinda Mangum (Retired)

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Lieutenant Belinda Mangum, Travis County Sheriff's Office (retired) with 25 years of service. During her career, she served as a Corrections Officer, Crisis Intervention Team Deputy, Patrol Deputy, DWI Enforcement Deputy, DWI Instructor, Intoxilyzer Operator, Hostage Negotiator, Training Academy Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Detective, Patrol Sergeant, CID Sergeant, Hostage Negotiations Team Coordinator/Supervisor, Patrol Lieutenant, Patrol Field Training Director, Special Operations Lieutenant, Traffic, Lake Patrol, Dive Team, Motors, Crisis Intervention Team and the School Resource Officer Program

As A detective with the Travis County Sheriff's Office, she investigated persons and property crimes and Child Abuse Investigations. Belinda's served on a multi-disciplinary investigatory team comprised of the Center for Child Protection, Child Protective Services, Travis County District Attorney's Office and Austin Police Department.

As a Sergeant with the Travis County Sheriff's Office, Belinda supervised a patrol platoon and the Hostage Negotiation's Team before transferring to the Criminal Investigations Division where she supervised persons and property crimes.

As a Lieutenant with TCSO, Belinda served as the Field Training Director for the Law Enforcement Field Training Officer Program in addition to running her Patrol Platoon. Belinda then transferred to the Special Operations Traffic Unit comprised of the Highway Enforcement/Accident Reconstruction Team, Motors, Lake Patrol, Dive Team and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement. In 2019 she transitioned to the Lieutenant over Special Operations of the Crisis Intervention Team which is a multi-disciplinary investigatory task force team with the Austin Police Department and oversees the School Resource Officer program which at one time was comprised of 5 school districts in Travis County.

Belinda is a Master Peace Officer and Firearms Instructor with the State of Texas. Belinda has completed the FBI- Trilogy, LEMIT (Law Enforcement for Female Executives), Travis County Sheriff's Office Leadership and SHIELD program, to include Active Shooter Incident Management, Advanced Hostage Negotiations, Special Event Evacuation and Contingency Planning for Sports Venues and has served as the Law Enforcement Incident Commander for large events at the Circuit of Americas to include Formula 1, NASCAR and MOTO GP.

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